Ludmilla Alexander

Freelance Travel Writer

Russian-American Travel Writer, California Travel Writer, Hawaii Travel Writer, Saratoga Travel Writer, Freelance Travel Writer, Luxury Travel Writer

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I started my travel-writing career with my first job out of college.  After graduating from Columbia University in New York City, I was hired as an editorial assistant to the Metropolitan New York section editor of Parents’ Magazine.  At that time, the magazine produced a regional section that covered New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.  My job was to tour those three states and write about destinations of interest to families.


Five years later, we moved back to California to be close to our families.  When the youngest of our three sons started school, I returned to writing.  South Bay Accent Magazine, a regional lifestyle publication in Silicon Valley, was looking for staff members and I was hired as the calendar editor.  As the years passed, I was appointed Senior Editor and my responsibilities increased to proofreading, working with writers, editing, story concepts, and – what I enjoyed most – travel writing.  Since the magazine was published bimonthly, I also freelanced with other publications.


In contrast, Jim’s career first centered around electrical engineering, then computers.  He worked for Bell Telephone Laboratories in New Jersey, followed by Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley.  He was always fascinated with cameras and experimented constantly with photography.  Whenever he could join me on trips, he would provide the images for my articles.


In 2002, Jim took early retirement and we began working as a team.  We travel on assignment to many places in the world such as the waterways of Russia, the gilded ballrooms of Vienna, and the historic French Concession of Shanghai.  Our goal is to produce articles that make the travel experience more enjoyable for both actual and armchair travelers.